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An embarassing spectacle of church accomodation to Right Wing/Corporate political power

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 In 1981, IRD was founded by concerned United Methodists and other Christians distressed that denominational and ecumenical officials were openly supporting Marxist causes and opposing democracy and human rights.

from the pen of  it’s President.

“Marxist causes”.  As if the right label is what matters,  and matters more than actually working to support the causes of people struggling against corrupt and cruel state hegemony over their lives.  I remember the nonsense of this group, bad mouthing Methodist missionaries working with people living under brutal oppression in the midst of a political civil war in El Salavador and Nicaragua among other countries in Central America.  For this right wing political group,  anything that “sounds and acts different” from their accommodated stance toward the Bible is “Marxist” or,  today,  “Socialist”.  OPPOSING Democracy and Human rights?  They were opposed to it in the case of Central America and in nearly every other case.  So I continue to “shake my head” at these oblivious pharisees of theological orthodoxy that is,  in the end,  only concerned with  “orthodoxy” if it comes with the stamp of approval of the right wing political establishment.

More of what they actually stand for:
Many church elites, often claiming to speak on our behalf, lobby for abortion rights, homosexual rights, big government, extreme environmentalism, pacifism, and anti-Americanism

Very straight forward, to their credit.  But appalling.  Hear the “standing up” for the state and corporate evils that they cant seem  to recognize in their accommodating support for them? Against “environmentalism” (because , well,  they are told to be ‘agin it”.  NO questioning of the talking points.  Clearly an economic disaster to let massive companies NOT to whatever the hell they want,  even if it means rendering the earth increasingly uninhabitable and unsustainable.  That’ll never happen , they say,  since the earth is God’s creation (translation: God will protect it and humanity can not touch it, in blatant disregard and denial of all science).

And “Anti-Americanism”,  a must for those who worship the state and consider critique of it tantamount to blasphmey.  America is blameless when it follows the dictates of the “truths” that guide the neocon, corporate-controlled,  militaristic , violent suppression of whatever it is that some American companies and tell their political arm to make sure it happens.  THAT America is anathema,  and yet they act as if it’s a part of the God-head. When such pursuits take the place of God,  for those who wander into those idolatries,  they have become the effective god.

Climate change is war – and Wall Street is winning @AJAM #OWS

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What we need now, though, are neither spectacle-seeking hipsters nor bankers in search of safe investments but for all human beings to band together to defend our right to subsist. We shouldn’t have to wait for the investor class to agree; the purpose of business is to meet our economic needs not to dictate them. That’s basic democracy.

via Climate change is war – and Wall Street is winning | Al Jazeera America.

All stems from the sickness that is the denial of consequences of continued and compunded hegenomy of the richest of the rich.  The ones whose massive power and wealth put them at the “top of the food chain” of the economy.  They have the reigns to determine how much the “subservient” class is allowed to share.  And that amount has been allowed to dwindle,  such that the amount of inequality at which we now stare is unprecedented in our nation’s history.  And yet we allow it to continue like frogs sitting in boiling water.  The longer it goes on,  the easier it is to persuade the masses that this is the way it has to be.  It’s called “status quo”.   And the “reign holders” continue to invest in keeping thatjust out ahead of us, like the proverbial carrot on a stick.

The theological communities that have for decades been warning us of how the Scriptures constantly sound a “woe to the rich” in constant apocalyptic fasshion,  and the “religious arm” of the “status quo” forces do their work on the churches to ensure accomodation to the “American Dream”  which is rapidly becoming a dream only attainable by a select few,  and the rest are but “promised” it while all the while being relegated to the service class of that dream being enjoyed by the very few.

Such is my disposition after seeing how inaccessible to the people our politics has become.  It now serves the backroom elites.  They dangle soothing voices before us like Barak Obama and then continue the rhetoric even as the gap grows the whole time.   Until something substantive is done,  this is all for show.

Occupy group buys, then cancels nearly $4 million of student debt | MSNBC

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student debt has become an occupy issue

student debt has become an occupy issue

A group of activists struck a blow against America’s mounting student loan crisis this week,

via Occupy group buys, then cancels nearly $4 million of student debt | MSNBC.

Part 1: Capitalism vs. the Climate: Naomi Klein on Need for New Economic Model to Address Ecological Crisis | Democracy Now!

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Part 2: Naomi Klein on the People’s Climate March & the Global Grassroots Movement Fighting Fossil Fuels | Democracy Now!

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